Download any media files over Gnutella, eDonkey, Kad networks

bitShare is an extremely user-friendly p2p file sharing client created after a thorough observation of what p2p users wish for in such software.

The program comes packed with numerous features some of which sets it apart from other p2p apps. Such a feature is its ability to download a file simultaneously from different networks which increases considerably your chances to find that particular movie, music album, game, ebook, etc you’re looking for.

The handiness of bitShare involves multiple aspects of the program – it offers the possibility to schedule in advance bandwidth or connectivity and ultimately, is highly skinable and configurable – its Settings Manager gives you all the freedom in adjusting the program’s functionality to your liking:

  • General – common user interface settings such as tooltips, minimize behavior, number formats, prompts, etc.
  • Library –– probably the best management system in a p2p client – access your collections, videos, downloads, books, etc with great ease and pleasure due to very aesthetical icons and labels.
  • Media Player – how to use the integrated bitShare media centre.
  • Community – your profile, chat, and instant messaging settings.
  • Chat – you get IRC chatroom visual appearances and connection settings.
  • Web Integration – Integrate bitShare with your browser to take in p2p links and download files.

bitShare offers the advantage of connecting its users to multiple p2p networks – Gnutella2, Gnutella, eDonkey, and BitTorrent (from the Network button [right top] you can select the network you wish to connect to) and includes some top ‘treats’ like ghost ratings and a completely user-configurable queue area.

If you’re not used to using bitShare or any other p2p client, altogether, there’s a Quick Start Wizard meant to help you configure your copy in a few simple steps. If you have experience with such software you can access the full range of bitShare’s options via the tools menu.

NotebitShare is totally free, clean and safe to install and use!


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Main Features

  • Simultaneous support for multiple P2P networks! (more chances to grab that particular file you want).
  • Great interface with refreshing colors and style.
  • Multiple-sourced downloading.
  • Multiple results tabs (this means that each search is showed in a new window removing the risk of having your search results overwritten).
  • Advanced file-hashing.
  • Search for that particular file with Global Searching on Gnutella2.
  • Enables reviews, users comments, and ratings (you will be able to save precious time and nerves by avoiding to download wrong, fake or bad quality files since you can check them as soon as the download starts!).
  • Preview filters.
  • Chat with a friend or someone you’ve just met (bitShare allows you to chat with other users one-on-one while running the program).

…and many more.