One of the fastest and neatest file-sharing clients you can work with

Just as the file sharing phenomenon itself grows and extends continuously so do does the file sharing software designed to help you download quicker and more efficiently the files you want over the Internet.

GnutellaWire is such an advanced p2p client that employs the latest technology available in this field for faster and safer downloads. It’s a product built upon one of the most popular file sharing programs around since the emerging of peer-to-peer which, at the same time, brings its own specific contribution and flavor to the overall architecture and performance of the original program.

Unlike many similar apps, GnutellaWire will not target your computer with various junk – it comes clean and well-mannered.

The first thing you will notice and love about this program is its interface – simple, well-designed, offering the logical guidance even the advanced users enjoy. The software lets you set up the download speed, the maximum numbers of files you can download simultaneously and the option to ‘Limit your download bandwidth’ in the form of a progress bar; it includes features like: built-in Bittorrent support, system tray notifications (to know when your files finished downloading), an integrated Windows Media Player to view video files (you can actually preview any file being downloaded and make up your mind if it’s all worth it), automatic removal of finished or wrong downloads, UPnP support, proxy support, useful description/info of the files you download, and many more. To cut it short, it offers all the features you can find and need in a p2p client.

There’s a Search Box, of course, to help you find the content you want either directly in the whole Limewire network or else based on specific category such as Audio, Videos, Images, Documents & Programs. Once you type in the title you are looking for (or merely a keyword) in the Search Box, GnutellaWire will instantly kick off the searching for your files and within seconds it will present you with an extended list of files you can select for download. With The Search Results you can also see the number of people who are sharing the material – those users who have the same files on their Shared Folders section of their hard.
This is currently the p2p client you need whether a file sharing savvy or merely someone who is just discovering the ‘game’ for the first time.

NoteGnutellaWire >has NO spyware or adware bundled!


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Main Features

  • Attractive, easy-to-work-with interface.
  • Multinetworking Support.
  • Multiple searching tabs.
  • Adds Bittorrent Support.
  • Advanced Filtering options.
  • Advanced searching parameters.
  • Includes Mojito DHT (Distributed Hash Table) Support.
  • Includes UPnP support.
  • Good files management system and enhanced control over the content you share.
  • TLS (Transport Layer Security) Support (enables safer connections).
  • Allows Firewall to Firewall Transfers.
  • Optimizes network connections.
  • Includes support for iTunes.
  • Includes proxy support.