Faster torrent downloads of high-quality movies, music, games

Torrentum is a multi-capable p2p downloading software developed for easy grabbing of any type of file you want from the Internet – whether movies, music, applications, games or documents.

It comes with the BitTorrent protocol using java language and loads up a wide range of precious features for both novice users and savvy users. The download/file sharing process is as good as it gets due to the program’s offerings – multiple torrent downloads, start/stop seeding alternatives and instant access to comprehensive information and data about your torrents, queuing/priority systems (on torrents and files).

Torrentum (which consumes very little resources) also offers an embedded tracker that can be easily set up. There’s a wizard guide to help you with the configuration of the program. You can change the configuration at any time by going to Tools > Options menu. There are three configuration modes to choose from – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our recommendation is to only select the ‘advanced mode’ if you know what MTU or non-blocking I/O are and you really know what you’re doing.

As a torrent-downloading program Torrentum bundles in everything you need for a great overall performance and extended user-friendliness – there are multiple options when it comes to setting your statistics logs that allow download speed and performance tracking. Torrentum comes with a shipshape interface containing large, clear-cut icons to make it easier for you managing the program’s functions and includes tones of plug-ins available.

NoteTorrentum is a top p2p file sharing client totally free and clean of any malware code!


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Main Features

  • Multiple simultaneous torrent downloads.
  • Extended configuration settings.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Advanced seeding rules.
  • Enables upload and download speed limiting, both globally and per torrent.
  • Fast resume.
  • Ability to import torrents automatically from a set dir.
  • Ability to set a default download directory and move finished files.
  • UPnP sets the forward on your router.
  • Modifiable disk cache.
  • Can use a proxy, for both tracker and peer communications.

…and many more.